Construction Trends

What’s next in construction?

Construction Trends is our continuing education series for commercial real estate professionals. We offer continuing education credit to real estate brokers and AIA accredited designers.

We share our cost per square foot pricing for workspace, office new construction, and multifamily housing, as well as current and projected pricing for construction commodities.


Get updated with national and local trends and pricing.


Dive deep into local workspace trends.


Review healthcare construction-related issues, as well as cost for both "B" and "I" occupancy.

Multi-Family/Affordable Housing

Understand cost drivers, lead-time issues, and other factors affecting the multifamily and affordable housing market.

Office Buildings

Stay abreast of supply chain disruptions, material costs, constructability, and square feet costs.

You Ask Us

What's concerning your team or clients? Ask us ahead of time to have a discussion around specific topics.

Construction Trends

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The Greiner Team is committed to reaching your project goals while offering guidance and education to help you make informed decisions every step of the way. Greiner's Construction Trends presentation shares our own cost/sf averages based on our most recent data. We also share influences and commodity trends with both a local and national lens for building and labor costs. You will walk out of our session armed with the knowledge of a construction trends expert. Continuing education credits for architecture and real estate professionals are available through this program.

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