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Our pre-construction process

From the onset of the project, our pre-construction team works vigorously to earn the trust of our customers and project partners. We always listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully to find solutions that will set the bar for the remainder of the project.

Our expertise in analyzing projects from a feasibility standpoint – paired with our knowledge of the market – creates a solid foundation to begin defining the scope and developing realistic budgets. This proactive effort enables us to deliver high-quality facilities, services, and processes, taking construction from great to unforgettable.

“Greiner Construction’s depth of experience, understanding of construction processes, and creative approach to problem solving makes them a dream to work with. As we faced complicated questions around various MEP approaches, constructability, or value engineering that still respected design intent, they were brilliant and unwavering in their commitment to our needs.”
—— John Gross, Developer

Prevent obstacles from turning into problems

Coordinating construction projects of any size can be incredibly stressful and complicated due to the many different moving parts involved. However, by employing proper planning in the pre-construction phase, you can help prevent obstacles from turning into problems. Learn more about how our pre-construction team paves the way toward successful projects.

The benefits of pre-construction:
• A shared project vision
• Early assessment of feasibility
• Less chance of going over budget
• Better communication between teams
• Increased efficiency
• Prevention of potential problems
• Improved client satisfaction