Timeless designs. On-time delivery.

We’ve found that the design-build services we provide will add unmatched value to your project and make the entire process easier, more efficient, and fun. As we take your vision and transform it into reality, our top priority is to offer solutions that positively impact your budget and your schedule. In the end, everyone involved will walk away a winner.


“Thank you for all of your hard work on our project . . . I seriously don’t know how you did it but it came together SO WELL. I know we are a particular bunch and want things a certain way but you guys did such an amazing job!”
—— Varde Partners

Become part of a winning team

When you partner with Greiner, you become a member of a team that focuses on making you look good. Through collaboration, we are able to share diverse perspectives and valuable insights, which often lead to new engineering ideas and alternate product options that can positively impact your project’s quality, cost, and building efficiencies.

We focus on the big picture

At Greiner, we see each project as an opportunity. An opportunity for our team members to grow, shine, and be proud. An opportunity for the community to thrive and flourish. An opportunity for the facility’s team and users to have a space that meets their needs and serves a purpose. We strive to take advantage of these opportunities, each and every day. That’s what we do.

The advantages of a Design–Build project delivery (compared to the more traditional Design–Bid–Build process):

Unit cost: 6.1% LOWER
Construction speed: 12% FASTER
Delivery speed: 33.5% FASTER
Cost growth: 5.2% LESS
Schedule growth: 11.4% LESS

Source: Design–Build Institute of America