Woolley’s Kitchen and Bar

Demolition And Interior Remodel of Woolley’s Kitchen And Bar, Located In The Embassy Suites in Bloomington, Minnesota

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    10,000 sq ft

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Tri State Management hired Greiner for the demolition and interior remodel of Woolley’s Kitchen and Bar, located in the Embassy Suites in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Greiner was responsible for the construction of restaurant’s bar, dining, serving stations, and three private dining rooms. Close coordination of the new bar equipment’s mechanical and electrical needs was needed.

Unique features of this restaurant included the custom installation of the over-bar liquor shelves, custom built wine cooler, metal detailing on glass applications, intricate herringbone tile installation, and customer glass sliding doors. These specific features required careful planning for product lead-times.

Working in a occupied hotel required executing work within defined hours to minimize disturbance. With this factor, Greiner still completed this beautiful restaurant in 12 weeks.