Standout Services: How a Pre-Construction Team Paves the Way to a Successful Project

Written by Catie Wheeler
How a Pre-Construction Team Paves the Way to a Successful Project

What many people don’t realize is that the construction process begins long before any work boots step foot on the job site. Without proper planning, a build can quickly fall into disarray as a result of miscommunication, delays, or unforeseen problems. That is why the pre-construction stage is absolutely essential in building the foundation for a successful project.

What is pre-construction?

Pre-construction is the earliest phase of construction, in which the client, contractor, and any other necessary parties work together to plan out all the details of the project, such as the overall scope, schedule, and cost. There are many different factors that need to be addressed at this stage, such as design decisions, engineering evaluations, permit acquisitions, building material requirements, scheduling obstacles, environmental studies, and risk analysis, amongst others.

What are the major benefits of pre-construction?

There is certainly no shortage of advantages to pouring the proper amount of time and energy into early planning. Here are the seven most significant perks that have truly benefitted us and our clients over the years.

1.  A shared project vision

As with any project, it’s incredibly important to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page. When the project’s scope and goals are clearly defined and communicated to every decision maker early on, we are far more likely to produce results that everyone can be proud of.

2.  Early assessment of feasibility

Just because an idea is good, doesn’t necessarily make it feasible. We know that early engagement with a project is key to optimizing our team’s value. Greiner’s pre-construction experts analyze site, time, and budget constraints to determine the likelihood of it actually getting done within scope. If an idea can’t be done, we make it our job to know when alternatives can still be explored rather than after construction has begun and it’s too late.

3.  Less chance of going over budget

One of the most important aspects of pre-construction is the estimation of the total cost requirements of the project so that the owners and investors can plan for and secure the necessary funds in time. It is also the best way to identify potential cost savings at various points in the construction process.

Greiner maintains an average change in cost of (+/-) 2% from schematic design (SD) to design development (DD).  Average change in cost from design development (DD) to construction documents (CD) is at (+/-) 1.5%.

4.  Better communication between teams

Quick and effective communication is what sets the groundwork for a successful project, and the pre-construction stage is where it all begins. Greiner’s team has the communication tools and channels in place to support open communication and an efficient decision making process so any obstacles that arise later on can be overcome with ease.

Greiner maintains an average change in cost of (+/-) 2% from schematic design (SD) to design development (DD).  Average change in cost from design development (DD) to construction documents (CD) is at (+/-) 1.5%.

5.  Increased efficiency

Speaking of efficiency, the best way to optimize a project’s workflow and schedule is during the early planning stage. A study by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology found that, on average, construction companies that spent more time on pre-construction required less time for actual building. This is achieved by anticipating and avoiding potential delays and having multiple teams working simultaneously, where possible.

6.  Prevention of potential problems

With every major undertaking, something will inevitably not go according to plan. However, proper planning and risk analysis in the pre-construction phase can drastically limit the number of missteps, saving the client and contractor a ton of time and money (not to mention headaches) in the end.

7.  Improved client satisfaction

It should come as no surprise at this point that thorough planning directly correlates to higher customer satisfaction. Greiner’s pre-construction efforts consistently promote a reduction of cost and time all while exceeding our clients’ expectations.

“Greiner Construction’s depth of experience, understanding of construction processes, and creative approach to problem solving makes them a dream to work with.  As we faced complicated questions around various MEP approaches, constructability, or  value engineering that still respected design intent, they were brilliant and unwavering in their commitment to our needs.”

John Gross, Developer

Greiner’s pre-construction process

From the on-set of the project, our pre-construction team works vigorously to earn the trust of our customers and project partners. We always listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully in order to find solutions that will set the bar for the remainder of the project.

Our expertise in analyzing projects from a feasibility standpoint—paired with our knowledge of the market—creates a solid foundation to begin defining scope and developing realistic budgets. This proactive effort is what enables us to deliver high-quality facilities, services, and processes, taking construction from great to unforgettable.

What can we plan for you?

Coordinating construction projects of any size can be incredibly stressful and complicated due to the many different moving parts involved. However, by employing proper planning in the pre-construction phase, you can help prevent obstacles from turning into problems. Contact Greiner today to experience the gold standard of pre-construction.

Greiner Construction—Building Strength from the Inside Out

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