Standout Services: How our Maintenance Crews Go Above and Beyond to Answer the Call

Written by Kate Carlson
Standout Services: How our Maintenance Crews Go Above and Beyond to Answer the Call

Are you struggling to avoid staring at that big, hideous scratch on the wall? Do you have a door handle in your building that is coming dangerously close to opening nothing but a slew of frustration? Did your HVAC system conveniently stop working on the hottest day of August?

Don’t sweat it. Greiner’s 24-hour Maintenance crews have got you covered!

What kinds of services will Greiner perform?

Greiner is not just here to execute large, multi-million-dollar building projects. In fact, roughly 20% of our work is Service and Maintenance related. From a simple chipped up floor to much more extensive mechanical problems, there is no aspect of work that we won’t touch. We are here to ensure that all of our clients’ construction needs are met, whether it’s a $100 project or a $30,000,000 one.

The many ways routine maintenance can save you money

Most people would agree that waiting until the last minute to take care of a potential problem is not a very good idea. Emergency repair costs tend to be significantly higher than scheduled maintenance due to many factors, such as time of day, expedited deadlines, and material availability. Taking care of issues as they first pop up can help you avoid these additional costs and stay well within your facility’s service budget.

Implementing a regular maintenance routine helps:

  • Extend the lifespan of your building
  • Keep your facilities running at optimum efficiency
  • Reduce downtime and periods of lost production
  • Decrease or prevent energy waste altogether
  • Improve employee retention and workplace satisfaction
Standout Services: How our Maintenance Crews Go Above and Beyond to Answer the Call

That said, there are plenty of times when something entirely unexpected occurs, and we all know that small problems have a nasty habit of escalating very quickly. When that happens, it’s time to give Greiner a call.

Why choose Greiner for your maintenance needs?

With Greiner, you are hiring more than 30 years of industry expertise. Many facility managers and building owners fail to consider the implications that even a minor issue can have on the overall project scope and cost. That is why our entire team of project managers and field leadership is here to take the burden off our clients and ensure that every problem (both known and unknown) gets solved and no new complications arise.

You are also hiring over 30 years of respected industry relationships. We have access to hundreds of elite local subcontractors who rarely work directly with business management. Not only to they get the job done fast, they get it done right, which means we’re the only call you need to make.

Greiner is here to help

Nights, weekends, even holidays — no matter the time we are always available to help! Give us a call and we’ll connect you with someone who can quickly assess the problem and dispatch help immediately, often within the hour. We are here, and we care.

Standout Services: How our Maintenance Crews Go Above and Beyond to Answer the Call

Greiner Construction – Building Strength from the Inside Out

In 2019, with a vision to share our company‘s “gold standard” to a regional client-base, Greiner expanded into the thriving city of Des Moines, Iowa. As our company evolves and continues to expand into new markets, the executive leadership team upholds Wolfgang’s original vision for the firm—one that is focused on providing authentic customer service and unrivaled quality.