How Greiner Construction is Still Building Strength Amidst COVID-19

Written by Kate Carlson
Greiner Construction is Still Building Strength Amidst COVID-19

Little more needs to be said about the widespread personal, societal, and economic impact this global COVID-19 pandemic has caused. We are all feeling the effects in some way and are doing our best to navigate through this unprecedented situation. Greiner Construction is certainly no exception, which is why we want to take this opportunity to update you on what we are doing to adjust our operations moving forward.

When it comes to your project, you no doubt have questions. Here are some answers to the ones we’ve been getting asked a lot lately. If you don’t see yours here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Our expert field team is still delivering success

Rest assured, construction is absolutely an essential business. In fact, over 90% of our work—nearly 300 active projects—are still moving forward, thanks to our brave and dedicated men and women in the field. That being said, this global pandemic has given rise to a number of new challenges that we are actively working to overcome.

How will your team adapt to a reduced workforce?

We have had to be as flexible as possible with our team and make day-to-day adjustments of our project staffing. For instance, our carpenters were positioned to take over for the shut-down framing team and supplemented their forces to ensure we stayed on schedule.

Will COVID-19 have an impact on production?

In short, yes. The trades that were already near capacity are now stretched even further, as any symptom of sickness is preventing teams from operating at full force. As a result, we have been in constant communication with superintendents and foreman to address, and accommodate for, these changing manpower needs as best we can.

How will your team conduct on-site reviews?

We have had to significantly adjust the way we handle pre-installation meetings and construction documentation. Now, these are often happening after hours, in the safest manner possible.

Has anything good come out of this unfortunate situation?

One positive is that with most office buildings now vacant, our interior construction teams are allowed to work during normal hours and with fewer noise restrictions.

Our office team is still providing constant support

Like the vast majority of the world, our offices are a bit of a ghost town right now. Following the advice of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, over 95% of our office-based team is working remotely until further notice. That said, we are still working hard to provide constant support to our essential teams in the field and our valued partners around the world.

As a business focused on building relationships, how do you plan to stay connected?

Our office staff is relying on the use of invaluable technology such as ProcoreMicrosoft Teams, and Zoom. In addition, we are still picking up the phone, sending hand-written letters, and delivering memorable (and contactless) gifts to our clients.

What are you doing to address employees’ concerns?

We are being as nimble and flexible as possible, and approaching each situation on a case-by-case basis to ensure that our employees’ and partners’ safety is at the forefront of every action we take.

The Greiner Construction administrative team is working from home during COVID-19.
The Greiner administrative team (and furry friends) working hard from their remote offices.

Our project management team is still finding innovative solutions

Our project management team has been working nearly around the clock to ensure that deadlines are met, various teams are working together cohesively, and nothing is slipping between the cracks. Now—more than ever—communication is paramount to success, and to that end our PMs are updating project and procurement schedules and statuses more frequently to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

What if materials get delayed?

Our PMs are simultaneously forecasting where the materials will be and planning what-if scenarios in the event that they don’t arrive in time.

Can you still obtain permits?

Most cities are still accepting permit applications using their online process only. That said, due to staff shortages, there will be a slowdown of the permit review process

Are sites still getting inspected?

City required inspections are still being scheduled for jobs already in progress and that have existing permits.

What factors may influence project schedules?

There are many unavoidable factors that may have an impact on our project timelines, from material delays and labor inconsistencies in the field to slower response times and decision making from remote staff.

What steps are you taking to ensure workplace cleanliness?

As was the case before, if a jobsite is contaminated, we will bring in a cleaning service. In non-occupied buildings, we are asking our team to disinfect door handles, elevator buttons, and other high-contact surfaces multiple times per day. In occupied buildings, our team is responsible for cleaning only within the construction zone but will work in tandem with the building’s staff for the remainder of the regular sanitation duties throughout the building.

Our labor and materials are still the best in the business

As we continue to look forward to a brighter future, we will need to prepare ourselves to deal with a number of long-lasting ripples in the industry as a result of COVID-19.

How will this alter our industry moving forward?

One big change we foresee is the level of job site cleaning our clients will come to expect, especially when it comes to occupied spaces and medical facilities. In addition, there will likely be an abundance of subcontractors looking for work, which will in turn bring competitive pricing to the market.

What will happen to the price of materials?

In the short term, many large manufacturers may need to temporarily increase their material costs due to the overtime required to make up for the lack of production. While it’s still too early to know just how much the price of labor and materials will fluctuate, one thing remains certain, and that’s the quality you have come to expect from Greiner.

Greiner—Still the most trusted name in construction

As the “gold standard” in construction, we know a thing or two about standing the test of time. With your patience and understanding, we will get through this difficult situation and emerge even stronger than before. Once again, please be sure to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We will navigate these troubling times together!

Greiner Construction—Building Strength from the Inside Out

In 2019, with a vision to share our company‘s “gold standard” to a regional client-base, Greiner expanded into the thriving city of Des Moines, Iowa. As our company evolves and continues to expand into new markets, the executive leadership team upholds Wolfgang’s original vision for the firm—one that is focused on providing authentic customer service and unrivaled quality.