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Senior Project Manager

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Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from North Dakota State University.
Started his construction career in 2003 and joined Greiner Construction in 2009.
Assistant Coach at Lakeville North High School – Boys Varsity
Minnesota Jaxx Lacrosse Club and is an active member of the North Dakota State University Men’s Lacrosse Club.
Mentor at Achieve Minneapolis.

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    What is the best part of being in construction?
    The constant energy. Every day is something different and as much as you plan for it, there are always variables outside of your control that make you adjust. I love problem solving and I love the challenge of being calm and in control in the midst of high stress situations.
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    If money and time wasn't an issue, what one thing would you build and why?
    A lot of things come to mind, but one thing I would love to build is an enormous tree house. I've always loved forts and tree houses and I think it would be fun to do something that would allow me to reconnect with a childhood passion.
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
    This question would be better if it asked about what I would do "second." The first thing I'd do is something responsible or boring, but the second thing...that's where I'd buy the helicopter!