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Tami Pint

Project Engineer

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Tami Pint


Has provided support to teams since 1996 and has been with Greiner since 2014.

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    What is the best part of being in construction?
    My favorite part would have to be the people. I get to meet and work with such a variety of people on projects, as well as in the office!
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    If money and time wasn't an issue, what one thing would you build and why?
    A pool in my backyard! Not just any pool - it would a natural pool - one that appears to be a lake! I miss being by the water and also love my home in town.
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    What is one memory that you cherish most?
    Going to Pensacola Beach with my mom when I was young. She would show up at my school and take me out for an "appointment" and we would spend the day at the beach!