Minnesota’s Historic Structures Are in Danger—Help Us to Preserve Their Future!

The year was 1890, and construction was finally complete on Minneapolis’ first skyscraper. While only 12 stories and 218 feet tall (nothing compared to today’s towering superstructures), the Metropolitan Building cast an awe-inspiring shadow over the neighboring shops and offices. Costing $1 million to build (roughly $28.8 billion today), it was a true sight to behold and an […]

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Growing from Within: A Chat with Greiner Intern Spencer Flattum

“I decided to become a construction engineer because I have always liked building. From growing up doing do-it-yourself projects with my dad and going on volunteer trips to help rebuild homes, decks, etc.” That was a quote from one of our most recent interns, Spencer Flattum, during his first week with Greiner. It’s hard to […]

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Market Expertise: Setting a Precedent of Stunning Law Office Renovation

Construction and Law—two very different worlds. Or so they seem at first glance. But look a little deeper, and the similarities will begin to slowly reveal themselves. Both build off the foundations of precedent. Both are driven to deliver project wins. Both strive to create a better future for all. The list goes on . […]

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Built by Greiner: A Detailed Look at our Partnership with Schafer Richardson

At Greiner, it’s not just about the completion of a new building or space that we work toward, but the quality relationships we build along the way. That’s why it’s important for us to earn the trust of every one of our customers. And once we have that trust, we work even harder to keep […]

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