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Welcome to the In Practice Podcast - where we explore the latest construction trends and topics with some of the field's leading experts. Your host is Heather Weerheim, Director of New Business Development at Greiner Construction in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The More You Give, The More You Get – At Greiner, We Live This Every Day in Every Way.
Written by Kate Carlson
The idea that giving more is especially true when it comes to people, whether you view those people as employees, partners, subcontractors, or clients. Making people central to how we operate, live, and breathe is the Greiner way.   The lifeblood of our work comes from working with people, and we know people can be messy. […]
April 02, 2021
Let’s Build It Together: Greiner Celebrates Women In Construction Week
Written by Kate Carlson
“Women in construction” might be easy to say, but it isn’t always easy to do. Just a quick glance at the latest Census Bureau data shows just over 10 percent of the construction industry is female. In the Minneapolis market, women break industry barriers at 19 percent of the construction industry workforce. At Greiner, we […]
March 05, 2021
Building a Village: How We Partnered with Avivo to Help Minnesota Homeless
Written by Kate Carlson
You’ve probably heard the ancient African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But the question is, what does it take to raise a village? That was the exact question we had to ask ourselves when we agreed to help construct the Avivo Village. What is the Avivo Village? The Avivo Village is […]
February 08, 2021
Breaking Ground in the Des Moines Market (feat. a Q&A with Josh Miltenberger)
Written by Kate Carlson
As many of us in business know, growing a new market is no small feat. Strategic planning, relationship development, key hires, and brand awareness are just a few of the tactics needed to support a company’s regional growth plan. As a full-service general contractor with deep roots in the Minneapolis area, Greiner was certainly no […]
January 15, 2021
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