Client Testimonials


"Greiner Construction is one of the best general contractors we've worked with. The entire team tactfully delivered a project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule and under budget. We hope to work with Greiner again in the near future!" 

International Dairy Queen

“I want to join David in thanking and congratulating the Greiner team on your accomplishments. This has been a large project for us and this office move is of significant importance to our Company and our employees. You all have contributed to create a wonderful space for our employees to work with one another and have made the process to date smooth for us. Thank you and I hope you’re proud of your efforts and accomplishments.”

Novel Coworking

"Part of the challenge of going into a new market is committing to build a relationship with a General Contractor.  It's a leap of faith to trust them with building your vision on budget, on schedule, and with attention to quality.  

Greiner has exceeded our expectations, and we consider them one of our trusted partners in the Minneapolis market.  Novel Coworking could not have been as successful in the region had it not been for their outstanding performance with the build and with attending to the needs our staff.  They are an instrumental part of why we see Novel Coworking succeeding in Minneapolis."

SPS Commerce

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being so fun to work with and being rock stars with the best attitudes EVER on this 16th-floor build for SPS. It means a great deal to me that you all come to the table every week with smiles on your faces and ready to solve whatever issue we’re up against. It’s an awesome thing and isn’t typical of every project. I look forward to working with you all and seeing you every week. I appreciate every single one of you and all of your efforts in making this such a great experience for everyone involved.”

Marvin Windows

"...and for all the wonderful work you and your crew are doing. Our team has nothing but good things to say - we are really fortunate to have found you for this project!"

The Excelsior Group

"Greiner has been a critical partner to us on the redevelopment of West End Center Office Park. The team of project managers, supervisors, and their support teams can't be rivaled by any other contractor I have worked with over the past 15 years. They are dedicated, professional, thorough, accommodating, responsive, hardworking, committed to excellence and nice! I always breathe a sign of relief when I know I will be working with Greiner because I know that they will act as an ambassador for my interests and never let me down. The Excelsior Group would not be as successful without our partnership with Greiner Construction."


"Thank you for guiding us through the construction process, being kind, understanding, and always ready to accommodate our needs. We love our new space and know that it was built by the very best!"


“...when you have a project, you need a construction company that is committed to doing construction in healthcare, whether it be medical or dental, someone who knows and understands medical technology, the flow of patients and space, and how to work around those dynamics - Greiner fits us."

CRAYOLA, a subsidiary of Hallmark

“Greiner Construction did a fantastic job managing our transition into the new office. The routines we kept to ensure our project remained on track and on time, the frequency of communication and the responsiveness of the project team aided in making the transition process as seamless as possible. Most importantly, Greiner was able to translate our vision and the specs from our design team to truly bring our brand to life within our office. Our offices today truly reflect who we are as a company and what we stand for regarding the product we sell. Our team as well as our company’s leadership is extremely pleased with the final result and would highly recommend Greiner for future services.”


“Words simply can’t express the level of appreciation and gratitude we feel for the Greiner Construction team’s passion and dedication as they completely transformed the backyard of the Archdale Apartments into such a beautiful, wondrous courtyard and playground for the youth residing in this building. The care, compassion and concern that went into every aspect of the renovation was truly inspiring.

Your respectful and intentional concern to understand more about the journey homeless young people are on in life is truly meaningful. The work your team did to create this new courtyard and playground has given young people even more hope that community leaders like yourself do care about their future. Thank you for making a difference in their lives. Your work will be a lasting legacy that will have impact for generations to come.

We look forward to our continuing partnership with Greiner in the future. We don’t take our work together lightly. Please thank each and every person who participated in helping to make the courtyard and playground at the Archdale Apartments a reality!"


“Stunning day here in Minneapolis and a fabulous opening of PwCs new office in the newly renamed PwC Plaza. Your team did an AMAZING job - I know everyone came together the last few weeks to “get ‘er done” as they say - and you did! The space is beautiful - highest quality workmanship - stunning design - every little detail thought of and executed. We, at PwC, can not THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!”


“An important aspect of the project was that when Greiner built this structure for us, we had to deactivate a very important part of our production line in order to have them perform the work. We determined that we only had a three month window during our slow season; we gave Greiner the tight deadline to work with and they actually completed the 60,000 sq ft building, with offices, 10 days early. They did everything they said they were going to do and came through ahead of time and on budget...”


"I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude towards your team. The Bad Waitress tenant improvement was an extremely complicated tenant improvement project due to the historical designation of the building and the challenges of working in a building that is 100+ years old. The Greiner team overcame many obstacles with a proactive approach and completed the project on schedule and within budget. Everyone that was involved in the Bad Waitress tenant improvement was very professional, knowledgeable and managed the owners expectations very well. I look forward to working with Greiner’s team on future projects!"


“Greiner Construction was truly a collaborative partner; working with us in a cost effective, efficient and quality construction product. The knowledge of the Greiner team was truly a value add to the overall success of our build-out project. On time, on budget and we had fun!”


"Partnering with Greiner Construction on the build-out of our new downtown Minneapolis office space allowed us to achieve the CBRE Workplace 360 vision to provide an extraordinary workplace experience for our employees while meeting our financial goals of delivering the project on-time and on-budget. The Greiner team’s commitment to the success of our project was evident every day in their collaborative nature with all members of the project team, proactive approach to challenges, laser-focus on quality, and their clear, consistent and timely communication."


“Greiner was completely respectful of the building and its surroundings - they immediately became part of our team and they know teamwork! They kept the jobsite clean and safe; working with Greiner is nothing short of a first class experience!”


“Thanks for your efforts in helping to create a great work environment for our employees! The Greiner team delivered a high quality product, on time and on budget! We appreciate all your efforts.”


“With Randy Johnson and Josh Helgesen, they have anticipated and stayed ahead of the quirky and sometimes unreasonable requests from the clients. He has made my job just that much easier and for that, I am very grateful."


“Yes, what a great project that has really transformed Archdale....what a beautiful back courtyard area! It was fun meeting many of you that morning and I look forward to getting back over to Archdale to see the final project. It has been so exciting to see the passion and enthusiasm from all on the Greiner team during the planning through the construction with this effort! This project will really make an impact. Thanks again!”


“Overall, I can’t express enough how pleased we are with our experience working with Greiner Construction. We began our selection process for a general contractor in August of 2016 knowing that we would be quickly identifying a GC and jumping into a project that would require a certain willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Your team has met all of our expectations on their ability to provide us with fair and competitive bids, manage our project through tight deliverables and produce quality work. Most importantly however, it has been the relationship management skills that have far exceeded my expectations. From our early design discussions with our architect firm, through selection of our subcontractors, through our build out, your team has been a voice of reason - often taking a difficult decision or circumstance and managing it to resolution all while maintaining relationships with those involved."


"As you know, IRET selected Greiner to complete our tenant improvements for our new space at LaSalle Plaza. Part of a successful project is selecting the right team members who work well together to accomplish the same goal. The Greiner team of was great to work with! We moved in on time and with very little punch list items. And they’ve been great to take care of things as we complete some minor backordered items due to an expansion we completed midway through the project. I would definitely recommend Greiner!"


“...I was already expecting great work from Greiner Construction this past weekend. I knew the project was in good hands and had complete faith the teller line would be up at running when the bank opened this morning. What shocked me when I walked into 3030 Nicollet this morning…you couldn’t even tell that a general contractor had been at the site!! EVERYTHING was clean and put back. I didn’t fi nd a single punch list item. Truly amazing to do that much work over one weekend and not have any evidence left behind or follow up items. My clients are thrilled…..I am thrilled. Absolutely the best! Thank you so much. You not only make me shine…you make Wells Fargo Corporate Properties Group shine!"


“Thank you for all of your hard work on our project…I seriously don’t know how you did it but it came together SO WELL. I know we are a particular bunch and want things a certain way but you guys did such an amazing job!”


"From all of us here at Mairs & Power, thank you so much for the great teamwork and collaboration throughout the project…I’ve relayed this before, but it can’t be overstated – we are thrilled with the results of the project. Comments from staff, clients, management and vendors have been extremely positive and we could not have done it without each of you. The level of professionalism , teamwork and service was astounding. From a project manager’s perspective, there were very few situations where I would have like to see anything go any differently – I’m very impressed!"


“I’m writing to express my thanks to Greiner Construction of the build out of our new Support Center – the project was important to me personally. As our CEO I’m not generally the main point-of-contact for construction, but I was on this important one. The space was constructed with little distraction to myself or staff, and was completed on time. Thanks to the whole Greiner team.”

—— Jeff Stoebner

“...From our first meeting, through the completion of our project, I have been impressed by the talent provided by your company, the quality of their workmanship, and the professionalism of all involved. You took the time to listen to our needs, to partner us with the best vendors, and still keep us within budget parameters! Your team brought our project in on time and under budget, even with the changes we needed to make along the way. During our initial meeting I was impressed by your teams professionalism, eye for detail, subject matter expertise and resourcefulness. Although the complexity of these projects probably pales in comparison to others you manage, we always felt we were the most important project you were working. I think the greatest compliment I can give to Greiner is to say that I would unequivocally recommend Greiner Construction to anyone soliciting recommendations for contractors.”


“First, I need you to know that the overall project schedule was managed to enable me and my team to return to Seattle on Saturday evening to give us a chance to be in our home city of Seattle for Super Bowl Sunday…this was a bit presumptuous of us when we were working the schedule, but your team came through.

Secondly, I found every member of you team to be first class and I will definitely have Greiner at the top of my list for the next project in Minneapolis-St Paul. Hitting my budget is a significant metric for me and I sincerely appreciate it. Throughout the project I found your team to be very responsive and flexible, and having a top shelf Superintendent is the linchpin of a successful project. Everything I asked for was addressed quickly and efficiently. The workmanship by the team and the subcontractors was first class.”


“I wanted to thank you and the project team for the build-out of our new headquarters in Roseville. The team was reliable, talented, and communicated with the whole project team throughout the course of construction. They were easily accessible from day one, promptly returned telephone calls, provided realistic options, and were always keeping communication open. 

One of the main reasons why we chose Greiner was because of the team’s dedication to our project... The whole construction process went smoothly. The project team was pleasant to work with and, even though our project was not the only one they were working on, it felt like our project was most important to them. They met our expectations on every level and went out of their way to assist us with issues that arose during the project that were outside the scope of their duties.

Our project was completed on schedule, on budget, and we are excited to be in our new space, thanks to the Greiner team. In mentioned, we are extremely pleased with the quality of work and the attention we received from Greiner.”


“I’m a managing partner at Argentem Creek Partners, a $1 billion hedge fund located at 12800 Whitewater Drive. I run and manage the sales effort for Argentem. I am on the road all the time. Our administrative support is in our New York office, which works fine – unless you’re trying to manage a new office project. We are all very busy and as part of the leadership of this office, I raised my hand to quarterback the lease negotiation and the new office creation.

Greiner just completed construction on our new office and I am thrilled with the result. Our office endeavor didn’t start well. I arrived to the Greiner relationship in poor condition -- the building was for sale while we were in the process of negotiating our lease and I was frustrated and out of patience before we even began the space plans.

The project couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Your team had great communication with me and were attentive to my needs, no matter how trite. They worked well with the property manager, they showed up to our weekly meetings on time, and they were flexible when I was inflexible. They completed the job early and were willing to help me with every detail that came up. I have an incredible amount demanded of me each day professionally and I have very little more to give. They made this giant project easy and, I daresay, enjoyable. They were professional, patient and respectful every step of the way and, most importantly, they were responsive. We are all truly appreciative of their work."

BMS Intermediaries, Inc.

"BMS is located in the Centennial Lakes Office Park complex in Edina and we hold very high trade standards. Staying true to your team's exemplary work ethic, you worked your magic once again on a job for us. It was a relatively small job, but still very important. At the last minute, your team was able to coordinate and oversee the removal of a ceiling fixture and replace it with a 2x4 light. The job took 2 early mornings to complete; both mornings have the work completed by 7:30AM (at my request) so BMS employees saw no interruptions or proof that any behind the scenes work was taking place.

While this particular job wasn't near as large as the work your team has completed with us in the past, we still wanted to recognize them for understanding that the customer comes first, no matter the size of the job."


“... The current project that Greiner is working for Graco at Tech Center is going GREAT. Our people in the area are really impressed with the speed at which the project is getting done. We all are impressed with the crew that is on the job...they are easy to get along with and are aware of the need to keep the noise down and keep the area clean and tidy. It is a pleasure having them here.“


"Industrious really enjoyed working with the Greiner team! They were always on top of things and made us fell like we could trust what they were stating and that they were always already working on potential solutions to a problem before it was brought up to Industrious. The proactiveness of this team went a very long way making this project as successful as it was and it continues to be."


“...I was truly impressed with Greiner’s quality workmanship and the final product. Greiner provided an outstanding team that completed our project on-time and on schedule with no disruption to the staff.“


“Just a note to share with you our satisfaction with your team for a job well done on our recent expansion in the IDS Center. Schedules were met, quality of finish is excellent and working with the team went exceedingly well. They are the best! In addition, the post occupancy work with adjustments was completed quickly and happily by the team. As you know we had lots of pressures getting things done in a timely fashion. Often in construction delays and excuses are standard fare but not with your team!”


“...Everything really is coming along wonderfully. The progress alone is remarkable and the contractors are very mindful and respectful to their environment and clinic staff; the clinic is looking great. Thank you for keeping everything so clean and tidy! I really appreciate your attention to detail.”


“... I simply could not let the recently completed build out of Tornier’s new corporate offices, development lab, and distribution center pass without proper recognition of the tremendous contribution Greiner Construction made as the builder on the project team. This was a project with a demanding schedule, complex design, and tight budget. For AREA as the project manager, the Greiner team provided to be a reliable, talented, and an otherwise indispensable partner in providing our client with exceptional service and an outstanding product, all at a very fair price. The team of was extremely professional and always a delight to deal with. The leadership provided by this team is something that I have rarely encountered in my 35 years in the construction industry. They exceeded our client’s expectations and constantly amazed me with their cool demeanor and sound leadership under tremendous pressure. 

I must also say that Greiner’s subcontractor team was a delight to deal with. I know it does not sound like much to say everyone delivered exactly what they promised but when you have been in construction as long as we have, it is probably the highest praise a construction team can achieve. So often, we as project managers, are in the uncomfortable position of managing our client’s expectations and disappointments when for numerous reason the construction team comes up short. Working with Greiner on Tornier, I often found myself in the position of delivering the ‘good news’ to our client when Greiner had exceeded expectations!”


“The team understands dollars and sense. They knows how to horse trade and know that using time wisely can save money for all parties. The team creates opportunities for win-win situations so that subcontractors and owners can each shave a dollar here and a dollar there. The dollars add up fast. Case study: In our Solhem project, savings realized through Greiner recommendations saved about 2% of total costs. Additionally, the team was able to shave 2.5 months off of a 12 month construction schedule, allowing us the opportunity to occupy our building early and gain cash flow from operations well ahead of schedule.”


"I would like to deeply thank all that made this project happen. This was one of the shortest time framed projects that I have had to complete (57 days) and could not have pulled it off without all the team work and dedication to this project that was provided by Greiner Construction."

COMCAST SPOTLIGHT, a division of Comcast

“...our complete satisfaction with the service provided by Greiner Construction. The team has proven themselves as experienced professionals with superior results! We are impressed with the quality of work and their ability to meet our aggressive timeframe.”


“Your team did an amazing job with our recent build out at the Loose Wiles Building in Minneapolis! The office looks great, the process was smooth and your team went above and beyond our expectations. So many people and projects needed to work together and it went well.

One of the best qualities in the team that worked with us is their ability to communicate. They were extremely responsive. One example was near the end of our project. Greiner’s work was done but the construction company doing the common areas was not. We showed up with our cubicle installer and the sub-contractor told me I would have to reschedule (he was pretty adamant). Your team reached out to them and we were able to move the cubes in. I wish I could work with your team every day.

This is my first project, so to have such great communicators that look for solutions and provide exceptional customer service was amazing.”


“ pleased I am with the way our construction and renovation project went earlier this year. Everything from the start of the project through completion confirmed that Larson King made the right choice when we selected Greiner as our general contractor.“


“...The cohesive effort and commitment by each one of you including your selection/direction of “subs” was displayed in the very high quality of the workmanship displayed. Also, the non-signifi  cant punch list signifi  es the awesome job done for us on this project from start to fi  nish. Our Branch staff are excited to move in to it and my committee is proud to add this building to our member service network.“


“...Thank you again for your assistance with this project. As usual, you do an excellent job. The team was very thorough with the planning and kept me informed. They did a wonderful job with the construction, left the completed offices in neat and clean and were very pleasant to work with… The project was completed in record time – 3.5 days!”


“...We had an aggressive schedule to get the school open in the fall and we ran into a number of challenges because of the space we were going into. However, Greiner found solutions to those challenges while staying on budget to completed the job on schedule.“