Built by Greiner: A Detailed Look at our Partnership with Schafer Richardson

Written by Kate Carlson
Built by Greiner: A Detailed Look at our Partnership with Schafer Richardson
Greiner’s relationship with Schafer Richardson has opened the doors for building opportunities throughout the Twin Cities.

At Greiner, it’s not just about the completion of a new building or space that we work toward, but the quality relationships we build along the way. That’s why it’s important for us to earn the trust of every one of our customers. And once we have that trust, we work even harder to keep it.

Our partnership with Schafer Richardson is one such example.

Schafer Richardson and Greiner, at a glance

Schafer Richardson is an award-winning real estate development company with a 20-year record of creating outstanding commercial and residential development projects, including pioneering the revival of the North Loop and Northeast neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

In Greiner’s 2-year partnership with Schafer, we’ve completed an astonishing 11 projects, ranging from new construction and historic building repurposing to tenant improvement and multi-family housing.

Our two companies share a lot of the same cultural and corporate values—such as caring about the community—which goes a long way toward not only earning trust but giving it as well. According to Greiner’s Senior Project Manager Chris Bristow, “When you can align yourself with a similar team of people, it makes working toward a goal that much more efficient and rewarding.”

A brief Q&A with Schafer Richardson’s very own Amanda Janzen

Amanda Janzen

Amanda has been with Schafer Richardson since 2013. As a Senior Development Manager, she is responsible for all aspects of project management, including pre-development due diligence and visioning, developing and managing budgets, guiding design, overseeing construction, and managing project lease-up and closeout.

Amanda was gracious enough to speak with us recently and answer a few questions we had about what it’s like to work with Greiner. Here’s what she had to say.

Can you tell us a little bit about Schafer Richardson?

From site analysis to entitlements to project oversight, Schafer Richardson manages every aspect of the development process, from start to finish. In addition to development, the company also offers a full range of real estate services including leasing, property management, and investment funds.

Schafer Richardson approaches each project as a long-term owner and stakeholder and is uniquely committed to high-quality design and construction.

Why does Schafer Richardson choose to partner with Greiner?

We continue to work with Greiner because not only do they provide a quality finished product, they strive to make the entire construction process as smooth as possible. To us, that’s far more important.

There will always be construction issues to manage, and I appreciate Greiner’s ability to understand and communicate the concerns clearly to the owner/stakeholder. They always come to the table with solutions and collaborate with the team to resolve the issue fast.

I can tell they value their people and relationships based on the quality of the project teams I’ve worked with and their relationships with subcontractors that I’ve observed on-site.

Are there any particular projects that stand out?

Schafer Richardson has worked on several complex development projects with Greiner, such as the Osborn370 building repurposing (which involved historic tax credits) and The Redwell Apartment Building (which involved affordable housing tax credits and HUD and MBE/WBE requirements).

I value Greiner’s expertise in complying with these additional requirements and can trust that the bidding, fieldwork, and reporting is done correctly.

We’d love to work with you

When you work with the Greiner team, you will always be our main focus. We listen to your goals and ask questions that allow us to uncover possibilities, making those goals come to life in a personalized and fun way.

Not only do our buildings stand the test of time, but so do our relationships. Contact us today to see for yourself.

Greiner Construction – Building Strength from the Inside Out

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