Month: September 2020

Market Expertise: Large Corporate Relocation (Featuring Senior PM Robert Dunleavy)

If the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location, then one could reasonably argue that the three most important factors in corporate relocation should be pre-construction, pre-construction, pre-construction! It doesn’t matter if it’s a small to mid-sized business moving across town or a billion-dollar, multinational headquarters moving across the country. An unsuccessful pre-construction phase […]

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Minnesota’s Historic Structures Are in Danger—Help Us to Preserve Their Future!

The year was 1890, and construction was finally complete on Minneapolis’ first skyscraper. While only 12 stories and 218 feet tall (nothing compared to today’s towering superstructures), the Metropolitan Building cast an awe-inspiring shadow over the neighboring shops and offices. Costing $1 million to build (roughly $28.8 billion today), it was a true sight to behold and an […]

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